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Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Aleksandr is a Russian-Ukrainian actor, who was born in Sevastopol. At the age of 12, he and his best friend tried to runaway to the UK, but were caught by police after getting half way there. He moved to Moscow to pursue his education, and briefly worked as a sailor, before beginning his acting career in earnest. In 2015, he graduated from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, and soon became a leading actor at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. That same year he was cast in his first prominent on-screen role in ”The Scythian”, directed by Rustam Mosafir. He has worked consistently in films since, including starring as ‘Peter’ in “Acid”. Aleksandr will soon begin filming on the feature film “Mon Legionnaire” by Rachel Lang.



Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:





Blue | Grey


178 cm

Russian | Ukrainian | English

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