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Andriy Lidagovskiy

Andriy is a Ukrainian actor living in Kiev. In 2009, he enrolled as a student in the Institute of Culture and Arts, where he studied directing, but he decided to leave in his fourth year to fully dedicating himself to working as both an actor & director. In 2011, a film which he wrote & directed entitled ONE WAY ONLY premiered at Kiev International Film Festival. He then played the lead role in the short film IT WAS SHOWERING IN MANCHESTER, which was directed by Antonio Lukich & Valeria Kalchenko, and which went on to win the Best Ukrainian Short Film prize at Odessa International Film Festival. Andriy’s acting career came strongly into focus in 2019, when he portrayed the character of ‘Vadym Rott’ in the comedy MY THOUGHTS ARE SILENT. Directed by Antonio Lukich, it tells the story of a sound engineer (Andriy) who plans to emigrate to Canada forever, but before that can happen he is set the task of recording the sound of a very rare bird which only dwells in the Transcarpathian mountains of Ukraine. The film received rave reviews internationally, and was one of the most successful Ukrainian films in history. It won the East of the West Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and Andriy received Best Actor Nominations from both the Ukrainian Film Critics Awards, and the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards - along with a Special Jury Mention at Odesa International Film Festival. His most recent project is the feature film LUXEMBURG, LUXEMBURG.



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