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Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, when the country was still part of the Soviet Union, Ingeborga grew up fascinated by film and theatre, and chose to study acting at the Lithuanian State Conservatory where she graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. Although she quickly gained popularity in Lithuania as a theatre and screen actor, it was her performances in the films INTERGIRL by Pyotr Todorovskiy; CYNICS; and MOSCOW NIGHTS that brought her fame all over the country. International work on high-profile projects soon followed, and some of Ingeborga’s most notable performances include: the role of ‘Hannah’ in Brian de Palma’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE; Jean-Jacques Annaud’s SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET opposite Brad Pitt; Emily Young’s KISS OF LIFE which premiered in Cannes; HANNIBAL RISING which was directed by Peter Webber; and the thriller RED SPARROW. She is also an accomplished theatre actor, having developed a very active career on the international stage. Amongst her many noteworthy performances, she starred opposite her frequent collaborator John Malkovich in SLIP OF THE TONGUE, which opened in Chicago at the Steppenwolf Theatre and subsequently moved to London; CLOACA in London’s Old Vic Theatre; Bernard Marie Koltes’ IN THE SOLITUDE OF COTTON FIELDS; and GIACOMA VARIATIONS which toured internationally. Ingeborga has served as a jury member at Cannes, Berlin, Cairo, Mar del Plato and Venice International Film Festivals.



Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:



Lithuanian | British


Grey | Green


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165 cm

English | Lithuanian | Russian | Polish (Basic)

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