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Jonas Holdenrieder

Jonas Holdenrieder was born in 1999 in Munich. He started acting at the age of 10, and found early success as the lead role of ‘Ludo Schwarzer’ in the successful children’s film trilogy VAMPIRE SISTERS. Following that, he became known to a wider audience with his appearance in the German High School comedy feature SUCK ME SHAKESPEER, which was directed by Bora Dagetekin, and which has gone on to become one of the biggest German box office hits in history. More work followed, and in 2017, Jonas played the lead role of ‘Frank Strelzyk’ in Michael Herbig’s historical thriller BALLOON, which is based on the true story of two families' spectacular escape from East Germany in a hot air balloon during the Cold War. Other recent work includes: GOD YOU’RE SUCH A PRICK by André Erkau; Kerstin Rütz’s MEIN RECHTER, RECHTER PLATZ IST FREI; and the television series AM ANSCHLAG. Earlier this year, Jonas won the Best Young Actor Award at the prestigious Max Ophüls Preis Festival for his performance in the drama CLOUDY CLOUDS, which was directed by Christian Schäfer. Jonas was recently cast as the lead role in the Netflix feature film RUMSPRINGA, and he has also started studying at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin - one of Germany’s most acclaimed Acting Academies.



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