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Joonas Saartamo

Joonas made his film debut in Hannu Tuomainen’s ”One-Way Ticket To Mombasa”. The film's success brought him to the attention of mainstream audiences. Today Joonas, is considered to be one of Finland's most respected actors, and he has worked consistently in film and TV productions. He won his first Jussi Award for Best Actor for his lead role in Sakari Kirjavainen’s ”The Silence”. Recently, Joonas finished filming on an international film biopic about Richard Wagner - playing the composer. He also played a lead role in Aku Louhimies’s epic wartime masterpiece , which broke all box office records in Finland.



Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:





Dark Blond

69 2 2.png

170 cm

Finnish | Swedish | English

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