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Ksenia Khyzhniak

Ksenia’s first experiences as an actor came about when she decided to join the stage studio at the Black Square Improvisation Theatre in Kiev. After completing her training she became a company member at the theatre, where she went on to collaborate on more than twenty five stage productions including: TO THE NORTH OF YOU; and THE INVITATION FOR THE SUNRISE. Ksenia was accepted into the prestigious Kiev National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, where she studied acting and directing with Alexey Odinet. Her previous on-screen work includes: the recurring role of ‘Polina’ in the television series THE FORGE OF STARS, which was directed by Anton Sherbakov; ‘Ksyusha’ in FUNNIER THAN RABBITS; BY LAW, directed by Andrey Rudenko; THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE; Valery Ibragimov’s THE MOTHS; as ‘Katherine’ in MY UGLY LOVE; and in the drama WIFE ON EXCHANGE, playing the part of ‘Alisa Kachurovskaya’. She can next be seen as ‘Nina’ in the upcoming feature film LUCKY GIRL, which is directed by Marysya Nikityuk, and which recently showcased in the Works in Progress section at this year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Ksenia received her Master's degree in Sociology in 2010, and in Clinical Psychology in 2021.



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