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Malaika Berenth Mosendane

Malaika Berenth Mosendane is from Denmark, and first started to act professionally when she was just nine years of age. She initially studied at drama school and attended the Danish School of Performing Arts, but left after she landed the main role of ‘Emma’ in the Netflix Sci-fi drama series CHOSEN, which was written & directed by Kaspar Munk. Her other notable credits include: the role of ‘Michelle’ in the television series THE NEW NURSES; the feature THE LAND OF SHORT SENTENCES directed by Hella Joof; Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen’s GET A LIFE; the comedy drama CALL ME DAD playing the part of ‘Lise’; and as ‘Louise’ in FULL OF LOVE which was directed by Christina Rosendahl. In 2022, Malaika, along with four other actors, won a Danish theatre Award (‘Reumert’) for their work on a monologue based play entitled TIL UNGDOMMEN (For The Youth). In February 2023, Malaika co-launched the campaign “Et Større Billede” (A Bigger Picture) - a campaign that fights for more diversity in Danish film and theatre.



Eye Colour:

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Dark Brown

Dark Brown

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160 cm

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