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Masha Fedorchenko

Masha was born in 2003 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2020, having just completed school, she got her first big acting break when she was cast in the leading role of ‘Masha Chernykh’ in the Ukrainian feature film STOP-ZEMLIA. The film was shot over the course of six months, and was written & directed by first-timer Kateryna Gornostai. It tells the story of an introverted high-school girl Masha Chernykh (Masha) who sees herself as an outsider until she eventually befriends two other students who share her non-conformist ideas. While she is trying to navigate through the intense time surrounding her graduation - Masha ends up falling in love - which forces her to leave her comfort zone and question everything around her. The film is a deeply personal one about self-discovery, and the patience it requires to realise it. It has gone on to win the Crystal Bear Award at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, and it also recently swept the awards at this year’s Odessa International Film Festival - where it won the National Competition Program; the Grand Prix prize; and Best Acting awards for it’s four young leads. Masha has recently begun her studies at Kiev’s National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) where she is a student on the acting program.



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English | Ukrainian | Russian

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