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Michaela Saba

Shortly after Michaela was born in Addis Ababa, her family had to flee from their home due to civil war breaking out in Ethiopia. They eventually settled in Austria, where Vienna became the family's new home. From an early age, Michaela displayed a talent for sports, and all things dance-related. She soon started training in rhythmical gymnastics, and began figure skating on a professional level, which led to her becoming the Austrian pair skating champion. She also won the European Championships in various dancing disciplines for four years in a row. However, when Michaela turned sixteen a knee injury brought things to a halt, and she was forced to spend a year in rehabilitation. During this time the ambition to act came more into focus for her, and she enrolled at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Her first professional job was at the prestigious Burgtheater in Vienna. Since then she has steadily built a career moving with equal ease from stage to screen. Her previous screen credits include the role of 'Paula' in the drama "Rosamunde Pilcher"; 'Julia Gawrilenko' in "Fast Forward", and 'Amina Barka' in the popular German drama series "Tatort".



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173 cm

English | German | French (Basic) | Amharic (Basic)

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