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Sam Louwyck

Sam is a Flemish actor who hails from Bruges, where he was born in 1966. He started his career as a dancer, choreographer & singer, and frequently wrote and performed all around the world with the alternative ballet group “Les Ballets C de la B”. He eventually started to work on films, firstly as a dancer, and then increasingly, as an actor. In 2003, he received rave reviews for his performance as ‘Windman’ in the feature film ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS, directed by Tom Barman. He soon got his next major role in EX DRUMMER by Koen Mortier, in which he portrayed the deaf guitarist ‘Ivan Van Dorpe’. Other notable credits include: 22nd OF MAY by Koen Mortier; the role of ‘Marcus’ in LOST PERSONS AREA by Caroline Strubbe; FIFTH SEASON; THE WILDBOYS by Bertrand Mandico; ‘Jean Broucke’ in Gilles Coulier’s drama CARGO; JUMBO by Zoé Wittock; and BRIMSTONE, directed by Martin Koolhoven. Sam performed in the critically acclaimed BULLHEAD directed by Michaël R. Roskam, which was nominated for an Academy Award. He also starred opposite Monica Bellucci in Alice Rohrwacher’s THE WONDERS, which won Le Grand Prix Du Jury in Cannes. In 2015, Sam received the Flemish Culture Award. His recent projects include Lee Tamahori’s EMPEROR, and LE GRAND MARIN.



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191 cm

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