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Tanya Kostadinova

At a young age Tanya started to perform on stage, as both a ballet and contemporary dancer, and continued developing her skills at the local youth theatre for talent in her home city of Burgas. She graduated from high school and she earned a Bachelor Degree in Acting for Theatre at New Bulgarian University, in addition to further training at Met Film School in the UK. While she was still a student ,Tanya performed at The Bulgarian National Theatre in Sofia. She made her British film debut playing the role of ‘Sharon’ in RESIGNATION DAY directed by Adam Brashwal. Her role as ‘Betty’ in the comedy drama film BETTER NATURE directed by acclaimed Bulgarian director Ralitza Petrova was Tanya’s first Bulgarian film. Her other credits include: the German feature film DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT GEKÜRT; as ‘Irena’ in the television series PATYAT NA CHESTTA; and the short film COERCION which was selected for numerous international film festivals including Cannes. Recently, Tanya made her debut as a director with the documentary THE INFIDELS, and completed a short film entitled IT MIGHT BE NOTHING IN COMMON which was selected for this year’s Sofia Film Festival.



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