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Theresa Frostad Eggesbø

Theresa is a Norwegian actress who lives in Oslo. She played the main role of ‘Saxa’ in the popular Netflix fantasy action series RAGNAROK for three seasons. In addition to her work on international productions, Theresa has appeared in domestic Norwegian shows such as: the romantic drama SKAM playing the role of ‘Sonja’; NESTE SOMMER; THE COMET directed by Bard Rossevold; and as ‘ Zoe’ in Lisa Linnertorp’s THREESOME. Theresa has been in two successful Danish short films, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER which were both directed by Kasper Møller Jensen. She has recently completed filming on the Austrian feature film PEACOCK, and the feature film EUROPA. Theresa also has an international music career as a singer and songwriter under the artistic name ‘Resa Saffa Park’. In addition to touring internationally with her music, two of her songs - the singles ”God is Drunk”, and ”Who” - have been featured in the series RAGNAROK.



Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:





Blue | Green

Blonde (Currently Brown)

69 2 2.png

175 cm

English | Norwegian | French

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