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Zoé Adjani

Zoé grew up in the south of France and began her acting career at a very young age when, at only 15, she was chosen as the leading titular role in Jérôme Enrico’s comedy feature film CERISE. The film tells the story of a troubled French teenager who is sent to live with her father in Ukraine. Zoe then went on to perform in BULA by Boris Baum, playing the part of ‘Leilla’, which she shot in Brazil. She is also an accomplished stage performer, and was in OPENING THE NIGHT which was directed by Cyril Teste in the renowned Bouffes du Nord Theatre in Paris. Zoé was chosen by Chanel as the face of their Iconic fashion campaign which Inez & Vinoodh and Sofia Coppola directed. Recently, she performed the lead role of ’Selma' in Kamir Ainouz's HONEY CIGAR, which premiered at Venice Film Festival. She received rave reviews for her work in it, with the Hollywood Reporter calling her performance “impressively natural”. Zoé is currently filming Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s latest film about the Nanterre- Amandiers Theatre which was helmed by Patrice Chéreau at the beginning of the 1990s. It explores the training of young actors during the time of the AIDS crisis. She is fluent in English, and currently lives in Paris.



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