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Achraf Koutet

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Achraf graduated from the theatre school ROC Amsterdam Zuid- the Art Entertainment.Now, he is a 3rd year student at the Theater School, Utrecht. He played in performances from theatre group DOX and EEN WEDSTRIJD is his solo performance which he has performed in various theatres in the Netherlands.He has played in the television series ‘Het land van Lubbers’ HET LAND VAN LUBBERS, A’DAM E.V.A, season 3 and the Tele-movie DUIVELSE DILEMMA – DE PRIJS VAN DE WAARHEID by director Danyael Sugawara.He recently started shooting for a new television series and signed a contract with theatre group Amsterdam run by Ivo van Hove. 

The Netherlands






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English | Dutch

Hair Colour:

Dark Brown

Eye Colour:


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