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Dasha Plahtiy

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Dasha is a Kiev-based Ukrainian actor who has worked on-screen since her late teens. She trained at The Kiev National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, and secured her initial roles on a variety of television shows while still a student there. After graduating, she was cast in her first feature length movie called FALLING, which was directed by Marina Stepanska. The film toured the European film festival circuit, and Dasha picked up several awards for her performance as ‘Katya’ in it, including Best Actress at the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards. Her other previous credits include: the films SEX IN THE SOVIET UNION by Chad Grasia, and RED. WITHOUT A FRONT LINE which was directed by Zaza Buadze; the series PRINCIPLE PLEASURE; CARPATHIAN RANGER by Sergey Krutin; PLEMYASHKA; as ‘Polyna’ in LIFE AND DRIVING LESSONS; ‘Maria’ in the drama MOTHER’S LOVE; and the role of ‘Starosta’ in NYUKHACH, which was directed by Artyom Litvinenko. Earlier this year, Dasha completed shooting the key role of ‘Marichka’ in the historical drama DOVBUSH by Oles Sanin, which is set for theatrical release in Spring 2022.







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