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Filipp Avdeev

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Filipp was born in 1991 in Moscow. He began his acting career when he was nine years old in the musical NORD OST. In 2002, the theatre where it was being performed was attacked by terrorists who held the audience, actors, and theatre staff hostage for 3 days. Filipp was held as a hostage, but managed to escape from the building 6 hours after the attack began. In 2008, he was accepted into Kirill Serebrennikov’s class at the Moscow Art Theatre School, which later became the Seventh Studio theatre company. After graduating in 2012, he joined the renowned Gogol Center theatre, which was newly formed that same year by Serebrennikov. There he played nearly 20 leading roles, and won several theatre awards. On screen, he has been equally as busy performing in productions which include: CORRECTION CLASS by Ivan I. Tverdovsky; the feature LETO which played in competition at Cannes; and ACID which screened in Berlinale's Panorama selection. More recently, Filipp played twin brothers in Serebrennikov’s TCHAIKOVSKY’S WIFE which competed for the Palme d’Or in Cannes. He is currently involved in collaborations at various German theatres, and played lead roles in THE DECAMERON at Berlin’s Deutsches Theatre, and in three productions at Hamburg’s Thalia Theatre. In Autumn of 2022, Filipp took part in the anti-war performance DER WIJ at Thalia’s Gaußstraße blackbox, which later toured throughout Europe. This international collaboration includes actors from Ukraine, Russia and Germany, together on one stage.







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