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Karel Dobry

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Karel Dobry is an award-winning Czech film and stage actor who’s career has spanned decades, encompassing captivating performances in over ninety projects both domestically & internationally. Raised in Prague, he spent part of his childhood in Syria, and is fluent in no less than four languages. His international screen credits include: A KNIGHT’S TALE, directed by Brian Helgeland; GENIUS-EINSTEIN, which was directed and produced by Ron Howard; Daniel Espinosa’s CHILD 44; PLUNKETT & MACLEANE; the espionage thriller THE CATCHER WAS A SPY opposite Paul Rudd; GLASS ROOM; and the international blockbuster MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, which was directed by acclaimed director Brian de Palma. In 2019, Karel was awarded the Czech Lion for Best Leading Actor for his enthralling performance in the period drama HASTRMAN. Karel’s most recent work includes the role of ‘Randor’ in Netflix’s TRIBES OF EUROPA; the second season of Amazon Studio’s fantasy crime drama CARNIVAL ROW; and the political feature film OSLO, directed by Bartlett Sher, which is based on the Tony award-winning play by J. T. Rogers.

Czech Republic






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