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Matteo Olivetti

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Matteo Olivetti was born in 1990 in the UK. Son to a British mother and Italian father, he spent his childhood in Italy, where he started to act at a young age, starring as ‘Elia’ in the successful Italian television series “Giorni da Leone”, and as ‘Francesco’ in the series “Incantesimo”. In 2017, Matteo was chosen by the D’Innocenzo Brothers to play the leading role of ‘Mirko’ in their debut feature film drama (“La terra dell’abbastanza”) which held its premiere during this year’s Berlin Film Festival. The film has gone on to win numerous awards on this year’s festival circuit, and Matteo has received widespread praise for his performance.



Italian, British




180 cm

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Italian | English

Hair Colour:

Light Brown

Eye Colour:


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