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Mireia Oriol

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Mireia is a Spanish actor who hails from the Catalonia region. Having previously worked as a model, she started a degree in audiovisual studies in Barcelona before joining a summer acting workshop with Giles Foreman in Paris in 2016, which led her to pursuing acting as a career. She is best known to International audiences for her performance in David Victori’s thriller THE PACT, in which she played the role of ‘Clara’. Her other previous work includes: the recurring role of ‘Lorena’ in LES DE L’HOQUEI; LA TREINTENA, which was directed by Mireia Noguera; the television drama COM SI FOS AHIR playing the part of ‘Estrella’; Santiago Lapeira’s TOCATS PEL FOC; and as ‘Laura’ in THE ART OF THE RETURN, which was directed by Pedro Collantes and which premiered in 2020 at the Biennale College Cinema section in Venice. Mireia has completed filming the lead role of ‘Alma’ on the Netflix series THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR. The 10-part first season will air worldwide later this year, and is directed by creator Sergio G. Sánchez & Kike Maíllo. It tells the story of a young girl (Mireia) who wakes up in a hospital - following an accident which caused the the death of several of her friends - who can no longer remember her past. Recently, Screen Daily magazine ran a profile on Mireia naming her as one of “Spain’s Stars of Tomorrow”.







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English | Spanish | Catalan | French

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