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Péter Fancsikai

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Based in Budapest, Péter started acting as a teenage in Hungary. He initially began to work with an art group called Krétakör in 2008, where he got a chance to try his hand at writing and producing, as well as furthering his acting skills. Péter has worked extensively on both domestic & international productions with credits including: SON OF SAUL directed by Laszlo Nemes; TOM CLANCY'S JACK RYAN; as ‘Attila’ in FOREST: I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE directed by Bence Fliegauf; opposite Rosamund Pike in RADIOACTIVE, the biographical feature about the life of Nobel Prize-winner Marie Curie; Balazs Juszt’s thriller THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY; Amazon Studios’ action series HANNA; THE CONTINENTAL: FROM THE WORLD OF JOHN WICK; the television series X COMPANY by Grant Harvey; Netflix’s Emmy-winning series THE CROWN directed by Stephen Daldry; and the feature film AS FAR AS I KNOW by Balint Nagy & Nandor Lorincz. In addition to acting, Péter is also very involved in both music production, and sound design.







177 cm

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English | Hungarian | Russian | German (Basic)

Hair Colour:

Light Brown

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