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Wojciech Mecwaldowski

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Polish actor, Wojciech Mecwaldowski has gained a reputation among audiences and film critics alike for his dynamic & chameleon-like ability to play a wide range of roles. He studied at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Wrocław, and graduated earning an award from the Festival of Polish Drama Schools for his role as ‘Christian’ in Thomas Vinterberg’s play FESTEN. Wojciech became a household name in Poland thanks to the local adaptation of the popular UK series COLD FEET in which he portrayed one of the male leads. His other screen credits include: KLANGOR; Bodo Kox’s THE GIRL FROM THE WARDROBE - for which he lost 20kg to portray the character of ‘Tomek’; DEATH OF ZYGIELBOYM; F. Murray Abraham’s THE WAR IN VIENNA; Roman Polanski’s THE PIANIST;  historical thriller THE COLDEST GAME; the titular role in the romantic comedy JULIUSZ by Aleksander Pietrzak; DAY OF THE WACKO as ‘Pilkarz’, which was directed by Marek Koterski; and THE AUSCHWITZ REPORT directed by Peter Bebjak. It was thanks to Jerzy Skolimowski, while working on the film 11 MINUTES, that Wojciech rediscovered painting – a passion he had immersed himself in since childhood. Recently, his comedic talents have been put to use in an increasing number of projects with his performance as ‘Henry K. Kowalski’ in the series KOWALSKI VS. KOWALSKI proving hugely popular with audiences, and breaking Polish viewing records. His most recent work includes the war drama series ERYNIE, and playing the part of ‘Bronislaw Malinowski’ in DANGEROUS MAN.







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English | Polish

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